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Members of the Order of Leviathan

84 members from around the globe, internationally strong.

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Talderoy Acrew, big as a crew, and also his favorite pastime a crewing gold, silver, and gems! This merchant pirate has a sense of adventure and always leads the crew to fortune. His favorite saying, while leaving his friends is " May fortune find you In your travels!"  The Pirates Charles sing of his escapades

Talderoy believes if you raise the water all ships rise. He does not tolerate drama and is a friend to all, seldom does a pirate cross the line with this pirate.

You can find him once a year at Pirate Invasion Long Beach and all year in his mountain pirate tavern themed tattoo shop "Ye Olde Tattoo Shoppe"


Kommodore Klaus is co-founder of the Order of Leviathan and owner, writer, and photographer of Pirates Magazine. He represents at Pirate festivals and events with beer for pirates and chocolate for wenches. Sometimes he even appears as King Neptune.


Finn Moondrake is the great, great, great, great (too many greats to remember) grandson of Edward Teach. Known for every sort of foul skullduggery, he became the editor-in-chief of Pirates Magazine. During this time, he and Talderoy cooked up the devilish plan to create the Order of Leviathan. While living in Seattle, Dave raised money for the Seattle Children’s Hospital during Seafair each year where he entertained the wee ones as the spittin’ image of a certain foul-breathed Disney pirate. He currently resides in Ashland, Oregon where he be seekin’ a proper schooner to commandeer.


Mister Willis went on the account after indentured servitude on a sugar plantation in Barbados in 1694. He then signed on with a buccaneer crew headed to fish the wrecks off the Florida coast. In a short time, the deck was piled with swag, some from fishing the wrecks, some from them that was fishing the wrecks. The absolute best hand-picked crew was easily formed, and they have been terrorizing the eastern seaboard ever since. Mr. Willis can now be found alongside members of The Loose Cannon Company, a group of accurately attired reenactors who bring their living history encampment to festivals all along the Atlantic coast and also in his role as Edward Teach in the film series Hands. Mister Willis is also a supporter of The Special Olympics and annually attends Polar Plunge in Virginia Beach in support of The Special Olympics.


After retiring from a 32-year career with High Point Fire Department in North Carolina, Davy Vain was mentored in the art of living history by Richard Fritz, a crew member on the HMS Rose who took him to an 18th-century sailor school at Ft. King George near Savannah, GA. Shortly after, Fritz had a stroke and was unable to continue reenacting, so Vain took over where Fritz left off, flying rogue under the flag of Thomas Tew. He became certified in black powder weapons through the National Park Service in St. Augustine at Castillo de San Marcos and became a member of the Loose Cannon Company out of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Vain also portrays the life as a sailor as a deckhand on the Kalmar Nyckle, the flagship of Delaware. Vain currently lives in Memphis, Tennessee, and has a crew of his own, Fortune & Glory Pirate Confederation. He continues to attend festivals and pirate events along the eastern seaboard, Florida, and where the winds take him when he is not SCUBA diving with his bonnie lass in the Caribbean.

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Starting his pirating back in the early 2000's, Lycan has been a constant figure in the pirate and fair communities. Being involved with the Order from its beginnings, and contributing to the OoL's founding company with Pirates Magazine, Lycan showed the pirate world what he could do while shooting content and cover images for the magazine at its height in popularity. When Pirates Magazine closed down to focus on their more popular publications, Lycan partnered up with Talderoy and started Mutiny Magazine, doing so not only reignited public interest in pirate community, but gave the OoL new life, as it was starting to fizzle out without a mothership to guide it. From that point Lycan and Talderoy opened up the once Devils Dozen members to bring in new blood every 2 years, Lycan even put the 2nd and 3rd induction on his own credit card to give it the push it needed to get on its own feet. Thus Lycan helped the Order stay alive and grow, when at the time he was not even a member yet.

Lycan has his own production business, Lycan Productions, from here he is involved with different companies such as CBS, Crunchyroll and Henson, contributing his talents in design and event planning. Lycan still does his part in the pirate community, helping out events with ads, flyers and other artwork, not to mention a few rum and grog companies with their labels and logos.

As of late, Lycan has had his hands in his home port of California, as Executive Assistant to the Pirate Invasion Long Beach and Labyrinth Masquerade.

Keep an eye on this lad, for he be not done yet!!


Scurvydog Whitman is a veteran performer with The Pirates of the Plateau and has over 185 lives shows to his credit with his specialty being sword fighting and black powder.

Scurvydog believes in giving back to the community and has raised thousands of dollars through auctions and charity events and also served the Order of Leviathan as Sergeant at Arms from 2016 to 2018 and is now a Master Leviathan.


Jamaica Rose co-founded both No Quarter Given magazine and the pirate crew Port Royal Privateers, and along with her husband published The Book of Pirates: A Guide to Plundering, Pillaging, and Other Pursuits. As an authority on all things piratical, Jamaica Rose served as a technical consultant for books, documentaries, and films and can still be seen as a commentator when the History Channel repeats its popular show True Caribbean Pirates.


Argyll Blackthorn is the Captain of the Puget Sound crew The Pirates of the Plateau who perform at fairs and festivals and feature black powder firearms and cannon shows with a focus on pirate history and education. When not pirating, Argyll enjoys travelling and is also the Owner/Operator of The Fright Factory Haunted House located in Buckley, Washington, which is ranked one of the top haunted attractions in the United States featuring movie quality sets, props, and talent.


Lady Red is a California based cosplay queen who is as compassionate as she is vibrant. She runs in charity races for organizations such as Wings for Life, Team DetermiNation with American Cancer Society, and RunDisney’s various non-profit groups. The red head, when not in garb, is a 17 years experienced professional pet groomer. She enjoys spending her days making your piratical companions beautiful, even those pesky bilge rats.


Mad Davy Flynt is a member of Rogues of the Gold Coast and a master caster of buckles including the official Order of Leviathan buckle.


Savage has pillaged and plundered the old city of St. Augustine for many a year. As a founding member and former Captain of The Krewe of the 13 and former Captain of the St. Augustine Swashbucklers, he has participated in many events to help the local community.  He helps local families and serves children’s charities such as Dreams Come True, Nathaniel’s Hope, and Make a Wish. Savage has visited numerous hospitals to cheer and entertain those who need a break from being sick and just have fun being a kid, and for his benevolent efforts, he received the title of Commodore from the Royal Family of St. Augustine. When swords clang and blunderbuss booms at a festival or parade, Savage, the pirate with the big hat and big heart, has invaded and is causing chaos for a good cause."


Capt. Proper Roger, Captain of Krewe of the 13, a group of reenactors who share and enjoy the fun and camaraderie of portraying pirates during the Golden Age of piracy, is British by birth and American by choice. Capt. Proper Roger and The Krewe of the 13, a St. Augustine, Florida based 501(c)(3) registered public charity that fundraises for local families who are in dire need in an effort to change the outcome of dire situations, routinely visit assisted living facilities and hospitals in the North Florida area to bring smiles to many faces.  Proper Roger’s efforts and leadership have benefitted a wide array of charitable organizations and families in need in the greater St. Augustine area.


Captain Hernando “Cutthroat” Cortez is President and CEO of Pirates Plunder Entertainment, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization founded on the principle that every pirate should be valued equally; Plunderful Productions LLC; and Captain of Pirates of the Approaching Storm. Captain Cortez is on a mission to educate and entertain via the “Act” of piracy. Captain Cortez and mates pay monthly visits to the Alfred Dupont Hospital for Children and Camp We-Belong. He even built his ship, The Approaching Storm, with the camp and children as inspiration making it wheelchair accessible so all kids can board and be a part of his crew for the day. Cutthroat Cortez produces pirate theme events all along the east coast in an effort to unite pirate crews and pirate performers.


Bastard Bob started pirating in 1987 with the Brethern of the Coast under the leadership of Pirate King Captain Jamie Bellows. Since then, Bob has had many adventures from fundraising for Special Olympics, Children Hospital of Orange County, and Dan's Kids, an organization which takes disadvantaged children on fishing trips. Each year, Bob and his wife Molly participate in entertaining hundreds of special needs children from the Oceanside school district for a day on the beach.


Mr. Smee, also known as Gus, Smee, or Misfire, is a gunner and the 1st officer with the Port Royal Buccaneers. This scrubby pirate makes it a priority to ensure that safety is a must for all of the events he is involved in. Born to be a pirate, he spent his life on the ocean diving and sailing and spent 7 years in the Navy as a deep-sea salvage diver. When Scout troops and other children come to pirate events, he provides education on the ocean, pirate history, weapons, sailing, and knot tying. Smee assists with many community events, some as a pirate, some in everyday dress. As a pirate, he has helped out for several years alongside Captain Hook for Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital,  He goes out of his way to take part in activities that give back to the community. He is a pirate who is as dedicated to making the world a better place. His motto has always been Gandhi's - "Be the change you want to see in the world."


Hellena Denice has been a part of the pirate community for over twenty-five years supporting the community by volunteering and supporting events, artists, and businesses owned and operated by fellow pirates.  She is also a member of the International Adventure Society Modern Day Pirates, an adventure society based on five principles: adventure, charity, community, self-improvement, and mentorship. As a pirate, Hellena is an ardent supporter of Autism Learning Partners and Madera Children’s Hospital and also volunteers with Pirates of Hope, a group that serves children’s hospitals and children’s organizations. She is also associated with the fine west coast pirate crew, Rogues of the Golden Coast.


Captain Horatio Sinbad steers his dauntless brig, Meka II, into battle. He built the Meka II in his backyard in Detroit, Michigan, starting when he was 19. He launched her in 1967 and spent his summers cruising the Great Lakes. In 1970 he was turned loose on the high seas escaping the Great Lakes via the St. Lawrence Seaway and has pursued one seagoing adventure after another even managing to raise four children along the way. He has been a draftsman, boat builder, restaurant owner, charter boat captain, commercial boat operator, sailing school operator, reenactor, and pirate merchant. Captain Sinbad, a real merchant adventurer, has lived aboard continuously for over five decades making Beaufort, NC his homeport anchored in Gallants’ Channel.


After years of working on correcting a deformed bone condition, Captain Jay decided to amputate his leg at the age of 16 and built his own peg leg, which leads to the creation of his pirate persona. Captain Jay founded the Northeast Buccaneers who travel to entertain and support community events. This father of 6 is a skilled teacher of pirate history and has an educational pirate program on YouTube and has written an illustrated children’s book, Captain Jay and the Misfit Crew, which delivers the message that no matter what a person’s handicap, anyone can do anything by putting his or her heart into it.


Nicholas MacTavish is also known as Donald MacTavish the Royal Marine and Lucian MacTavish, a Mercenary and assassin for hire. MacTavish specializes in black powder small arms and stage combat fighting. When not performing as a pirate, MacTavish does custom leatherwork and blacksmithing as Forge and Thistle and is also a freelance illustration at Shadow Raven Art.


Francheska L’Ollonais had been a contestant on the CBS television show Pirate Master and is an Assistant Instructor for Scuba certified in shark diving. She does charity work for Kids the World Village, a Florida resort where children with critical illnesses can enjoy a week on vacation with their families at no cost and participate in an annual event, Hearts of Reality, which raises funds for giving Kids the World Village. Francheska is always up for the adventure if you can find this world traveler!


Captain John Christopher "Topknot" Roberts was once a simple ship's cooper who spent most of his life at sea. As a young man he was captured by Barbary pirates off the coast of Turkey, and having no family to ransom him, he avoided being thrown overboard by offering his services to his captors and adapted his signature hairstyle as a result of his captivity by the Barbary pirates. Eventually, Topknot was freed, Topknot was granted a ship and crew of his own. Topknot re-christened his ship Outrageous Fortune. Topknot currently pirates all over the Pacific northwest and works with local crews such as Pirates of Portlandia, Rifle Loot and Salvage Companie, and PDXYar. He leads The Outrageous Fortune, an unruly band of scurvy malcontents who perform with cannons and small arms at festivals, pirate events, and parades. He is also the founding partner of Swashbuckler Productions, LLC, and promotes Portland’s Swashbuckler’s Ball


Capt’n Smoo is a Canadian pirate who not only supports national pirate events but works to support international events as part of building a worldwide Festival des Pirates organization that includes support for pirate invasions and festival activities such as mentoring, education, fundraising/sponsorship, and talent networking. Over the last five years, his media support plan for Festival des Pirates has produced the bilingual (French/English) pirate magazine “L’Echo de Mers” since 2015. This monthly magazine has 50 issues with a subscriber base across the globe. He is also produced the French language pirate music radio show also named “L’Echo de Mers”, developed an international pirate community map using an overlay for Google Maps where pirates can pin their location for the entire world to see, and created an international pirate calendar and international pirate playing cards.


Mister Archer gave up life as a fisherman and began a life as a Sailor. He soon found himself press-ganged into service with Blackbeard’s Crew aboard Queen Anne’s Revenge, under the black flag of Edward Teach. Archer was soon promoted to Quartermaster, which did not sit well with the rest of the pirates,
but Archer was a ruthless character and was never challenged. He moved on to Boston where he, unfortunately, was found out as a pirate and was turned over to the Magistrate. After a short trial, Archer was found guilty and sentenced to hanging. His body was placed in a gibbet at the mouth of Boston Harbor as a warning to other pirates.


Sophia Cancelli is an award-winning college educator and fundraising coordinator for Cape Fear Parrot Sanctuary, a nonprofit organization that provides a forever home for parrots in need. She is the author of a series of chapter books for young readers that serves as a fundraising tool for Cape Fear Parrot Sanctuary with titles that include Pirates for ParrotsMermaids and Macaws, and Feathers on Fair Winds. She is also a contributing writer for the international pirate magazine L’Écho des Mers and has had numerous articles on pirate topics and pirate events published in North Carolina newspapers and magazines. When not helping parrots, she runs her “Dame School” 18th century living history program at libraries and museums all along the eastern seaboard.


Nasty Nate Cole began his pirating career in 1999 in Key West when he bought a cheap concertina (pirate squeeze box) for a prop. His wife asked, "Why did you buy that? You'll never learn to play it!" So, the challenge was accepted, and he has been playing pirate tunes ever since. In 2003, Mark and two of his bandmates were asked by Disney in Florida to put together a pirate trio to perform at the Magic Kingdom at the opening of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and the Rusty Cutlass Band was born – that’s Rusty with an ARRRRR! Nasty Nate and mates have performed as Walt Disney World's resident pirate band for conventions, parties, and at hotels. He even performed for the premier openings for POTC 3 and 4. Mark is also the original "Patch" the pirate for the Pirates and Pals Fireworks Cruise that happens almost every night from the Contemporary hotel. Nasty Nate is a shanty-man, an entertainer, and a pirate who exhibits the strength of character and is committed to the goodwill of all.


Captain Morgan Griffin is a ship sailing, motorcycle riding man of adventure who came to the pirate lifestyle after being a hairstylist and makeup artist in the film industry. He enjoys spending time volunteering for children's organizations and has partnered with Talderoy producing southern California's premier pirate festival Pirate Invasion Long Beach. The Captain built a small ship 13 years ago with 30 cannons on deck and a couple of large parrots. He and his beautiful bride Stormin' Norma founded Outlaw Pirates, a crew of 300 of the loveliest lady pirates ever to set sail. The Captain has also been featured in rum commercials, and when called upon to help, he will always lend a hand.


John Marinus began producing pirate-themed adventures and animatronic props for summer camps, businesses, and private events in 1990. In 2001 he joined the Brethren of the Coast providing props, special effects, and stage design for their pirate shows.  A toy inventor by profession, Steven had the fortuitous opportunity to help design the action figures toy line for the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, On Stranger Tides. He has performed professionally as a pirate in his home state of California and in other cities in the U.S.  He is thankful to the Order of Leviathan for its true spirit of camaraderie in bringing together such a disparate, eclectic and talented group of pirate professionals and enthusiasts from the four corners of the globe.


Remy Voodoo’s appreciation for those who recreate history inspired him to create his own historic pirate character and become a member of The Brethren of the Coast. He has served The Children’s Hospital of Orange County, worked with Treva Ettienne and Vince Lozano for the Penny Lane Foundation, and has served Pirate Invasion Long Beach as a character in the Wanted Men game. Remy is the creator of the Piratenball, an annual California event that gives members of the pirate community an opportunity to put on pirate finery and celebrate.



Master Blacksmith Tony Swatton is a self-educated blacksmith who started making his own armor at the age of 17. Nine years later, he opened his first shop, where he made products for Euro Disney and Michael Jackson. He did his first film work for Hook in 1991.

In over 30 years he has forged pieces for over 300 feature films and some of the largest franchises on the planet.

His work can be seen in many films and TV shows, including Pirates of the Caribbean, Thor, Star Trek, Batman, Hellboy, The Last Samurai, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

See his full list of credits here


WhiteBeard the Pirate visits Florida hospitals reading to children and takes his literacy program to elementary schools, libraries, and pirate-theme events sharing books and stories with children and young people, inspiring them to read and learn. He is also an ordained minister with a successful business, WhiteBeard’s Weddings, a full-service pirate theme wedding company. WhiteBeard moonlights as Santa Claus, and in 2012, he launched the Believe in Santa Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides visits from Santa to children in need.


Old school traditional tattooist at "Ye Olde Tattoo Shoppe"  The old salt has been slinging ink for over 20 years now and Capt'n Dave be the pirate tattooist. His work is sought after near and far. Capt'n Dave is the official tattooist of the Order of Leviathan and as ship tattoo artist the only one authorized to give the OoL official members tattoo.  "YARRR sits down, shut up, and holds still" be his motto!


Dread Mike has volunteered with the Buccaneers of Tortuga, Rogue Privateers, and OC Jollyboats crew participating in parades, shows, and charity events. In addition to pirating, Dread Mike reenacts Vikings, Victorian, and Old West.



Stormy Seas, who was an avid Renaissance Faire performer, gave in to temptation and joined the pirate realm after meeting pirate king Captain Oberon Selicio. She joined California’s Brethren of the Coast when she traded in her mob cap for a tricorn.


The Mackay is a master hatter and owner of Captain Jack's Pirate Hats and Captain Jack's Trading company, purveyor of handcrafted authentic hats, flags, and accouterments. He has made over 5000 pirate hats and has been deemed the Ralph Lauren of Pirate Haberdashery. In 2009, he wrote a feature film titled The Buccaneer. He served the Order as Grand Leviathan for the first 4 years, and in 2015 was honored with Mutiny Magazine’s “Pirate of the Year.” He is married to fellow Leviathan Rebecca MacKay, and along with their son Wilde the RedBeard-less, make up the MacKay Pirate Family. The MacKay now serves as a Master Leviathan advising the Order’s Steering Committee.


Gitana Barbarossa, skilled in the art of swordplay and in dance, is a member of Valhalla Pirates, a historical/theatrical entertainment troupe.


Commodore Kraken is always willing to lend a hand, especially with his Golden sock Campaign, providing socks to the homeless, because he believes that just one small act of kindness each day can change the world. He also provides haircutting services for the homeless and is willing to do anything and everything to help someone in need.


Margot la Méchante de Marseilles is co-founder of The Portland Pirate Festival where the Guinness World record for the largest gathering of pirates took place in 2007 and band leader of The BilgeRats & Pyrettes. She also owns Seven Sails Vineyard in Portland, Oregon which features the Tall Ship Royaliste, a privateering vessel she endeavored to save, on wine labels. Margot runs The Captain’s Table interactive wine club which offers “musical, theatrical, and gastronomic adventure.”


Braze began pirating in the Florida Keys in 1999 when he joined The Pyrates of Tortuga, a theatrical musical group who plied their trade all across Florida and in Key West at Pirates in Paradise. Braze has been instrumental in bringing pirates into the ranks and educating the public on piracy. In 2010 at Fells Point, he was in the first round of Order of Leviathan inductees, and since then, he has been part of numerous pirate festivals up and down the eastern seaboard, renowned for his reenacting professionalism and prowess.

Devour it all; ne’er be sated. This credo steers a pirate of unparalleled stature and appetite, The Voracious (or just V, for brevity’s sake), who believes in exploring all that is weird and wondrous in the world. Whether it is finding the bottom of a bottle of rum with his crew or raising money for his favorite dog rescue with his Pirates and PAWS events, he never squanders an opportunity to choke every drop of mirth, mayhem, and merriment out whatever comes his way.


Firejack has spent countless hours entertaining children and adults as a Hollywood actor, martial artist, fire breather, and as one of his many piratical personalities. Based out of Southern California, he supports charitable events including fundraisers for Children’s Hospital of Orange County, American Cancer Society, and Autism Speaks.  In 2012 he jumped the sword with the lovely Angel O’Malley aboard a tall ship filled with 100 pirates sailing at sunset. Their honeymoon was spent filming The Newlywed Game in New York with two other pirate couples. A massive stroke five years ago forced him into semi-retirement, but it hasn’t slowed him down. When he isn’t roaming the shore with pirate brethren, he can be found in the waters off Long Beach aboard his own Scottish pirate ship, Selkie.


Capn Syn took an interest in piracy while working at the Mouse House in Anaheim and has been captain of the performing group Stranglehold, which includes the Scurvy Dawg sword group, for over 30 years. He sails the accounting seas in his normal life and appears at Renaissance faires, is involved with Scouting, and serves as a Venture Crew leader. Capn Syn believes that a pirate home is a happy home, so his wife agreed to let him turn their house into a pirate realm with a treasure room and dead pirates all around.


Stowaway Jaye longed to be a pirate, and her dream came true when she met Cascabel at a North Carolina festival and married him at the same event ten years later. She is the author of a young adult adventure pirate book series which includes Sarafina and the Pirate's Spyglass and Sarafina and the Pirate's Journey. Jaye travels all over the globe for book signings at book stores and pirate events and lives in Georgia with her husband and her horse Morgana where she continues to write working on book three.


Bilgemunky first cut his piratical jib across the digital seas as a blogger and podcaster and founded in 2003 providing news and reviews and commentary on pirate films, rum, games, garb, and a weekly pirate radio music broadcast. In 2009 he started Bilgemunky Radio, which was 3 hours of pirate-themed music from any genre. More than 200 podcasts are available on his website. Along the shores of Vallejo, Baltimore, and St. Augustine, and from the lakes of Port Washington to the streets of New Orleans, Bilgemunky has lent support to pirate festivals in every capacity from DJ to the organizer to drunken combat play-by-play announcer. He has had three songs written of his exploits and has been featured in the pages of PiratesPiracy, No Quarter Given and Alcoholmanac magazines and has successfully held the title of reigning Pirates Magazine Third Place Pirate of the Year since 2008.


Crazy Boots Martin is a passionate teacher, artist, and pirate. His lifelong obsession with pirates culminated in Musee Libertalia - the museum house in which he lives and where a collection of pop culture curiosities and authentic pirate artifacts are displayed. He hosts Freebooter TV (a show about all things piracy). He is an active member of Rogues of the Golden Coast and Stranglehold crew. You will find him at living history and pirate events both here and abroad. He is dedicated to living the pirate’s life daily.


I be Farrell Flintlock! Inducted into the Order in 2018, currently an OoL Officer in the Steering Committee. By trade I be a 20 year Staff Disney Artist Veteran, working on Frozen, Nightmare Before Christmas, Princess, Mickey, and of course the Pirate franchise. I be married to fellow OoL member Lady Red. In our downtime Lady Red n I do charity runs for the American Cancer Society when not piratin!. Why I be called Flintlock? Cuz I always have one on me belt.

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In these modern times with so much technology and lost stories, Oberon Selicio otherwise known as Captain Jaime Bellows inspires awe, wonder, and fascination to all who meet him and engage his crew, The Brethren of the Coast.-The Brethren is at the heart of the pirate reenactment movement and is the longest-running Pirate Guild in California. Taking pride in portraying pirates accurately, their leader and Capt’n is the fearless and swaggering Captain Jaime Bellows, who is known as a walking, talking encyclopedia of the pirate legend, tradition, and fascination.The enigmatic life of Captain Jaime Bellows will last throughout history. A man that is as elusive as the legend. Appearing out of obscurity, heralding an Age of Action, portraying both an admirable rogue and bloodthirsty devil, but the one thing that remains constant is our fascination with the freedom he represents.


Captain Jack Spareribs delivers engaging family friendly entertainment that includes fire eating, sword swallowing, magic, juggling, stilt and rope walking, comedy and puppetry in live performances at myriad west coast festivals. He has been featured in numerous television spots and commercials for international corporate organizations and has appeared on the Disney Channel, Mornings on 2, and A&E network’s Good Time Cafe with Ellen DeGeneres. The Entertainment Director of the Northern California Pirate Festival is quick to say that “Jack Spareribs has the biggest crowds at our event every single year.”


William Mayhem has been a professional magician, voice artist, MC, and actor and is now a professional pirate entertainer in St. Augustine, Florida. He was a founding member of Ancient City Privateers, a founding member of the First Coast Pirate Accord which brings pirate crews together in camaraderie, and is Captain of The St. Augustine Swashbucklers, a crew with over a decade of successful charity events benefiting children, the homeless, and those in dire need. He and his crew have been recognized by the Royal Family of St. Augustine for their benevolent service to the Ancient City. Mayhem produces Old City Pirate Fest and is the voice and face of the St. Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum and the museum’s head pirate for school and educational tours.