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Admiral Jo Barouf

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Johan Ruellan aka Pirate Jo Barouf

Johan Ruellan is an important member of the pirate community in France. His knowledge and leadership in organizing festivals has attracted many pirates from across Europe and around the world, both as mere visitors, and as participants in a multitude of his numerous projects. He has successfully garnered the goodwill and support of his local community; his good relations with local politicians and merchants are a direct testament to his corsair heritage. This relationship reminds us of the Golden Age of Piracy that unfolded in his neighborhood, in the corsair city of Saint-Malo. Johan is too modest to acknowledge the extent of his contributions to the town of Binic, where he has organized numerous events that have put his town in the spotlight, making Binic a must-visit destination.

One of Johan’s strengths is his attention to detail in event presentation; regarding security, he leaves no stone unturned. Some of his events have featured entertainment appreciated by all, with performances by top-notch artists, and even after the curtain falls, he includes other forms of entertainment such as fire jugglers and magnificent fireworks displays. He has carefully chosen the best entertainment from all backgrounds to dazzle visitors. He also does a tremendous amount of work with young children, providing them with activities that create unforgettable memories.

There have been numerous accomplishments and successes of this great pirate. The Grain d’pirate Festival, which he directed, hosted the first International Pirate Rendezvous in August 2018. It was a resounding success. He treats festival staff and visitors with the utmost respect. The officers and crew members of the Grain d’pirate Association love working for him and return year after year as volunteers, which further attests to the values Johan embodies.