Braze Pyrate

Braze began pirating in the Florida Keys in 1999 when he joined The Pyrates of Tortuga, a theatrical musical group who plied their trade all across Florida and in Key West at Pirates in Paradise. Braze has been instrumental in bringing pirates into the ranks and educating the public on piracy. In 2010 at Fells Point, he was in the first round of Order of Leviathan inductees, and since then, he has been part of numerous pirate festivals up and down the eastern seaboard, renowned for his reenacting professionalism and prowess.

Devour it all; ne’er be sated. This credo steers a pirate of unparalleled stature and appetite, The Voracious (or just V, for brevity’s sake), who believes in exploring all that is weird and wondrous in the world. Whether it is finding the bottom of a bottle of rum with his crew or raising money for his favorite dog rescue with his Pirates and PAWS events, he never squanders an opportunity to choke every drop of mirth, mayhem, and merriment out whatever comes his way.