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Captain Bacchus

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Maurice Dixon (Captain Bacchus)

Maurice Dixon has been pirating for the past 29 years. It started when he attended the northern California renaissance faire, “Black Point Forest”. It was there where he found my way into piracy. He is, without a doubt, a seaworthy pirate, as he also a United States Navy veteran who spent 4 years fighting for our country, including in Desert Shield/ Desert Storm.

He’s traveled to support many pirate functions such as northern California pirate festival “Vallejo”California, Northern California Renaissance Faire Pirate Invasion week in Casa de Fruta in California, Blackbeard’s Ball Saint Augustine Florida, Cedar Key Pirate Invasion in Florida, Folsom Renaissance Fair in California, Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire Pirate Weekend, Pirate Invasion Long beach, and the Order of Leviathan Induction in 2022 in St Augustine, Florida.

Maurice helps provide canned goods to the local food bank, helps with feeding those whom are less fortunate, raises money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital to help give kids a fighting chance against cancer, helps support those affected by natural disasters, and supports charities of Order of Leviathan. He’s lived in Napa Valley for the past 30 years where he is a wine educator at a very distinguished winery. When not working, he’s an outdoorsman who enjoys camping, boating, fishing, cycling, and traveling.

maurice dixon