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Commodore Savage

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captain savage

Savage has pillaged and plundered the old city of St. Augustine for many a year. As a founding member and former Captain of The Krewe of the 13 and former Captain of the St. Augustine Swashbucklers, he has participated in many events to help the local community.  He helps local families and serves children’s charities such as Dreams Come True, Nathaniel’s Hope, and Make a Wish. Savage has visited numerous hospitals to cheer and entertain those who need a break from being sick and just have fun being a kid, and for his benevolent efforts, he received the title of Commodore from the Royal Family of St. Augustine. When swords clang and blunderbuss booms at a festival or parade, Savage, the pirate with the big hat and big heart, has invaded and is causing chaos for a good cause.”