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Davy Vain

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After retiring from a 32-year career with High Point Fire Department in North Carolina, Davy Vain was mentored in the art of living history by Richard Fritz, a crew member on the HMS Rose who took him to an 18th-century sailor school at Ft. King George near Savannah, GA. Shortly after, Fritz had a stroke and was unable to continue reenacting, so Vain took over where Fritz left off, flying rogue under the flag of Thomas Tew. He became certified in black powder weapons through the National Park Service in St. Augustine at Castillo de San Marcos and became a member of the Loose Cannon Company out of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Vain also portrays the life as a sailor as a deckhand on the Kalmar Nyckle, the flagship of Delaware. Vain currently lives in Memphis, Tennessee, and has a crew of his own, Fortune & Glory Pirate Confederation. He continues to attend festivals and pirate events along the eastern seaboard, Florida, and where the winds take him when he is not SCUBA diving with his bonnie lass in the Caribbean.