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Don Brown

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Don Ron Brown has lived the life of a pirate. First, on a Caribbean Island (Grand Turk) for a year sleeping on a sandy beach, living 24/7 in his pirate garb, living on a boat at sea in the Caribbean, and taking pieces of eight and doubloons from tourists in exchange for his Pirates Choice Rum. To get his rum on the Island he created the world’s first “Rum Refilling Station” where you could bring in an empty bottle of his rum and he’d refill it at 1/3 the cost. He likes to say he had to think “outside the bottle” and create his own rules to live by (what else would you expect from a pirate), and then get others to agree with him. As a pirate personality, he’s always promoted the piratical lifestyle in a positive light, and has always been in good favor with all pirate crews.

While Don is known as The Rum Pirate for a reason, he actually started out helping the good guys. With an advanced degree in computer science programming and hardware. He was the founder of a company that developed software used by law enforcement and corporations to bust organized crime rings. In 2000, he seemed to find his real calling, that of a true pirate. He founded and ran Caribbean Chocolates Trading Company, manufacturer of flavored chocolates with a Caribbean theme sold throughout Florida and the Florida Keys. He left that behind in 2005 when he was the co-founder, master blender, producer and distributor of Pirates Choice Molasses Reef and Key Lime Rum. Along with two friends, they set up an illegal still above a dive shop in Key Largo also in 2005, where he was the master blender. They started out making bad rum, but it got better over time. Like good pirates, they lived on the water and on ships, lived life by their rules, and flew the skull and crossbones. They gave all their rum away to friends. After six months, their rum was outstanding so they became legal and thus began the start of Pirates Choice Rum up and down the east coast of the United States. In some cases, he was transporting the rum illegally across state lines to get it into states to sell legally (hello… pirate). Since they considered themselves true pirates, he sought out pirate festivals and venues to introduce his rum to other pirates. Some of the more memorable festivals he’s supported and donated rum to were:Pyrate Con, Pirates in Paradise, Fells Point Pirate Festival, Beaumont Pirate Festival, Port Pirate Festival, Cedar Key Pirate Festival,Tybee Island Pirate Festival,Flagler Beach Pirate Invasion, and the 2022 Order of Leviathan Induction.

Later, in 2013, He founded and was the master blender and creator of Code Rum, including their Key Lime, Mango Tango, Spiced, Silver, Cinnamon, and Commodore’s Cut blends. Today, he is known as the Founder of Hold Fast Rum, a barrel aged rum. He’s also the master blender and producer of the Order of Leviathan Barrel Aged Rum.

Over the years, Don has donated cases and cases of rum to pirate venues and poured literally thousands of free rum samples and drinks to pirates at the various venues. So much so that he had to take barrels of rum illegally (still a pirate) to events to share with other pirates. This is what earned him the name, The Rum Pirate. He’s also made custom bottles of rum for pirate crews such as Krewe of the 13 and Order of Leviathan.

While in the fifth grade, his daughter was asked, “What does your dad do?” She replied, “He thinks he’s a pirate.” In his spare time, Don Ron Brown loves motorcycles.