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First Mate Jewels

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First Mate Jewels aka “Jewels” has been pirating since 2008. Her first pirating adventure was in New Orleans PyrateCon  2008 and has never looked back! One adventure after next! Jewels is quiet by nature but a resourceful pirate that enjoys not only the history of piracy but the camaraderie pirating brings! The telling of stories of treasure and  adventures in far off lands! You will often find Jewels at pirate events in the middle of the mayhem chitchatting with the bloody scallawags that we all have come to know and love, all the while enjoying the fellowship these pirates share. Jewels will probably request to steal your picture maybe two if she can! All for the memories of good times with great pirates! So be prepared! Jewels will always keep a weather eye on the charities that provide support to those in need and to the welfare of animals.  Jewels with a soft spot in her heart, believes that animals are often the ones left behind during difficult times and feels this is her calling and helps in any way she can.  Jewels is a proud member of the Pirate’s Templar, a humble group of pirates that helps those in need.

2022 Inductee

Ridgecrest, California