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Lady Carol Chaos

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Carol Nelson is known from coast to coast as a saucy pirate street performer. She has been a key person in the Fort Taylor Pirate Invasion FTPI in Key West, Florida. She was also active with the Dark Rose crew and the Pirates of the Treasure Coast. Here she began her calling as a gunner on the cannon line. When not on the cannon line she could be found interacting with the pirates and patrons, giving her best at barbering with the young ones and teasing the crowd with her pirate interpretation.

Carol has always been very active within the pirate community, she participates to raise money for many of the local pirate charity events, often working pro bono to help support the crews and their cause. She’s donated all of her time for 15 years to children’s charities and event fundraisers.

If you have ever worked with her, you know her love for the children and performing in ways to keep their interest. She was instrumental in starting of the top-rated treasure hunts for children in the State of Florida. She has worked in pirate entertainment from Florida, to Georgia, to Massachusetts. She is part of the original ALL female pirate cannon crew on the east coast. They were hired to perform with their individual rail guns or grouped together to run the big guns. They have been the gun-crew of the notorious “El Jefe,” the 6 pounder on a naval carriage. One of the largest mobile cannons used in pirate events on the east coast.

She made trips by boat to the Bahamas to deliver supplies after the devastation from hurricane Dorian that destroyed the Abaco Islands, bringing crates of generators and food, only to be held hostage by real Nicaraguan pirates.