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Lycan Hunt

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Starting his pirating back in the early 2000’s, Lycan has been a constant figure in the pirate and fair communities. Being involved with the Order from its beginnings, and contributing to the OoL’s founding company with Pirates Magazine, Lycan showed the pirate world what he could do while shooting content and cover images for the magazine at its height in popularity. When Pirates Magazine closed down to focus on their more popular publications, Lycan partnered up with Talderoy and started Mutiny Magazine, doing so not only reignited public interest in pirate community, but gave the OoL new life, as it was starting to fizzle out without a mothership to guide it. ☠️ From that point Lycan and Talderoy opened up the once Devils Dozen award, and helped create the Order of Leviathan LLC private group that is it today, that brings in new blood every 2 years. Lycan even put the 2nd and 3rd induction on his own credit card to give it the push it needed to get on its own feet. Thus Lycan helped the Order stay alive and grow, when at the time he was not even a member yet, something fought not to be, as he enjoyed just being the corporate man in the shadows, but in 2015 Lycan became the first unanimous vote for the order, and the only one voted in outside the usual induction time. He took his place in the order in 2016 with the 4th Wave of newly inducted members as the Quartermaster to the OoL.LLC

Lycan has his own production business, Lycan Productions, from here he is involved with different companies such as CBS, Crunchyroll and Henson, contributing his talents in design and event planning. Lycan still does his part in the pirate community, helping out events with ads, flyers and other artwork, not to mention a few rum and grog companies with their labels and logos.

As of late, Lycan has had his hands in his home port of California, as Executive Assistant to the Pirate Invasion Long Beach and Labyrinth Masquerade.

Keep an eye on this lad, for he be not done yet!!