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Mr. Willis

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Mister Willis went on the account after indentured servitude on a sugar plantation in Barbados in 1694. He then signed on with a buccaneer crew headed to fish the wrecks off the Florida coast. In a short time, the deck was piled with swag, some from fishing the wrecks, some from them that was fishing the wrecks. The absolute best hand-picked crew was easily formed, and they have been terrorizing the eastern seaboard ever since. Mr. Willis can now be found alongside members of The Loose Cannon Company, a group of accurately attired reenactors who bring their living history encampment to festivals all along the Atlantic coast and also in his role as Edward Teach in the film series Hands. Mister Willis is also a supporter of The Special Olympics and annually attends Polar Plunge in Virginia Beach in support of The Special Olympics.