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Oberon Seliceo

In these modern times with so much technology and lost stories, Oberon Selicio otherwise known as Captain Jaime Bellows inspires awe, wonder, and fascination to all who meet him and engage his crew, The Brethren of the Coast.-The Brethren is at the heart of the pirate reenactment movement and is the longest-running Pirate Guild in California. Taking pride in portraying pirates accurately, their leader and Capt’n is the fearless and swaggering Captain Jaime Bellows, who is known as a walking, talking encyclopedia of the pirate legend, tradition, and fascination.The enigmatic life of Captain Jaime Bellows will last throughout history. A man that is as elusive as the legend. Appearing out of obscurity, heralding an Age of Action, portraying both an admirable rogue and bloodthirsty devil, but the one thing that remains constant is our fascination with the freedom he represents.