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Talderoy Acrew

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Talderoy Acrew, big as a crew, and also his favorite pastime a’crewing gold, silver, and gems! This merchant pirate has a sense of adventure and always leads the crew to fortune. His favorite saying while leaving his friends is “May fortune find you In your travels!” 

Talderoy believes if you raise the water all ships rise. He does not tolerate drama, is a friend to all, and seldom does a pirate cross the line with this pirate.

Talderoy partnered up with Lycan and opened up the once Devils Dozen honor award and created the Order of Leviathan group that it is today, one that brings in new blood every 2 years.

You can find him once a year at Pirate Invasion Long Beach and all year in his mountain pirate-tavern themed tattoo shop “Ye Olde Tattoo Shoppe.”

He sailed upon the sea and he had a mighty beard.

Had a mighty beard, Talderoy!


~ Founding Member of the Order of Leviathan LLC private group.
~ Co-Founding Member of the Devils Dozen award.

Studio City, CA
Studio City Tattoo
Lake Arrowhead Tattoo