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William Blydes

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William Blydes pirate

Rob Brunner aka William Blydes

Rob Brunner is a Canadian pirate who is involved in supporting pirate events from the local level to internationally. He is the founder of Cut and Run, a historical sword, stage, combat and maritime education group that performs shows for children of all ages, at several festivals in Ontario Canada.

As a Naval Officer, navigator, and former Commanding Officer in the Royal Canadian Navy he uses his background to help educate festival visitors on maritime skills and pirate life. Since 2016 he’s been a contributor to the Pirate magazine, “L’Echo de Mers” with articles on maritime language and curiosities.

Supporting several charities, his favourite to donate time to is The Forgotten Ferals, a charity focused on helping cats. During the Canadian winters, while dreaming and coming up with cunning piratical plans, he distills his own rum and creates pirate themed tiki libations, much to the delight of fellow snowed in Pirates of Cut and Run as well as members of the 1000 Island Pirate Society.

William Blydes pirate