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Lady Red

Lady Red is a California based cosplay queen who is as compassionate as she is vibrant. She runs in charity races for organizations such as… Read More »Lady Red

Jamaica Rose

Jamaica Rose co-founded both No Quarter Given magazine and the pirate crew Port Royal Privateers, and along with her husband published The Book of Pirates: A Guide to… Read More »Jamaica Rose

Scurvy Dog

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Scurvydog Whitman is a veteran performer with The Pirates of the Plateau and has over 185 lives shows to his credit with his specialty being… Read More »Scurvy Dog


Lycan Hunt

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Starting his pirating back in the early 2000’s, Lycan has been a constant figure in the pirate and fair communities. Being involved with the Order… Read More »Lycan Hunt

Davy Vain

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After retiring from a 32-year career with High Point Fire Department in North Carolina, Davy Vain was mentored in the art of living history by… Read More »Davy Vain