Steering Committee

The Order of Leviathan’s Steering Committee is a leadership council dedicated to working with all members to unite the Order, further Leviathan spirit and help with organizational activities such as dues collection, online presence, event planning, induction process, merchandise, arbitrating internal disputes and promoting the Order’s interests.

2020–2022 Steering Committee


The Helmsman has the lead role in the SC of the Order. They will have the ‘call to vote’ on any addition to the articles or events involving Order members or Order business via regular voting by the officers or voting members. Should the need arise, the Helmsman is empowered to act unilaterally on matters of high urgency. The Helmsman may also ask for the creation of an advisory committee of members to further look into a particular subject.


The Navigator is the second to the Helmsman in matters relating to the SC and may act in his stead, if the Helmsman is unavailable, on urgent matters. Should the position of Helmsman become vacated, the Navigator will assume said title.

Sergeant at Arms 

It’s the Sergeant at Arms’ duty to resolve internal disputes within the Order and to investigate matters of gross misconduct. In the case of a dispute between two members, those members may bring their matter to the SC for arbitration. Such arbitration is not a requirement, but is offered to the members as a way to move past an ugly impasse. 


The Purser, being the SC’s only non-elected position, is responsible for the funds of the Order, as well as ensuring that all fiduciary matters of the Order are properly handled. Upon request, the Purser must be able to provide a full accounting of Order funds. The Purser shall also be responsible for the Treasure Chest: a petty cash allotment3 to be used for operational funds such as printing, postage etc., without the need for a committee vote. 

Keeper of the Codex

The secretary of the Order, the Keeper of the Codex is responsible for recording the details of all official meetings, activities and decisions made by the Order and sharing condensed meeting minutes with the general membership. They keep records of all member contact information, signed articles and archives of important communications, and also assist in the preparation of official Order events by helping acquire and maintain records of all permits, contracts and arrangements. 


The lookout is responsible for maintaining and cultivating the Order’s online presence through the official website and social media channels. They also serve as the official liaison for all media inquiries. While any member may speak to the media on their own behalf, the Lookout is the primary contact for media relating to the Order itself. 

Master Leviathans

Former officers of the Steering Committee may continue to serve in an advisory capacity.