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Order of Leviathan

The Order of Leviathan is a preeminent organization for men and women of recognized quality and integrity without regard to race, creed, religion, or gender. Consistently delivering leadership and encouragement to other pirate groups, and exemplifying a moral code founded on the highest standards of ethics, honesty, and strength of character. The Order of Leviathan is committed to true camaraderie and goodwill to all.

Our Mission:

  • To encourage camaraderie and involvement amongst the piratical social and entertainment groups at pirate-themed events, festivals and gatherings.
  • To expand our presence and involvement in supporting our local communities and charities.
  • To be an example of leadership in educating, promoting and building upon the historical and fictional pirate subculture for future years to come.
  • To support, promote and maintain quality pirate-themed events worldwide.

The Steering Committee

The Order of Leviathan’s Steering Committee is a leadership council dedicated to working with all members to unite the Order, further Leviathan spirit and help with organizational activities such as dues collection, online presence, event planning, induction process, merchandise, arbitrating internal disputes and promoting the Order’s interests. Pirates of accomplishment and merit. Read more

Members of the Order

Since its inception in 2010, the Order of Leviathan has gathered every two years to welcome 13 possible new members into its ranks, plus a 14th, if the founder is so moved. While the exact qualifications for membership are as wide ranging as the sea itself, it generally boils down to one thing: esteemed pirates of accomplishment and merit.
Meet the Members

orderofleviathan wantyou

Do ye know an excellent pirate? Nominate that person here. Details here.

Pirate Invasion,Long Beach CA-June 29,30, 2024. More details here.

Tattoo of the Order

FiddlersGreens OrderofLeviathan Members
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