Members of the Order

Since its inception in 2010, the Order of Leviathan has gathered every two years to welcome 13 possible new members into its ranks, plus a 14th, if the founder is so moved. While the exact qualifications for membership are as wide ranging as the sea itself, it generally boils down to one thing: esteemed pirates of accomplishment and merit.

2022202020182016201420122010Devils Dozen Founders

2022 – The 7th Wave

2020 – The 6th Wave

2018 – The 5th Wave

2016 – The 4th Wave

2014 – The 3rd Wave

2012 – The 2nd Wave

2010 – The Original “Devil’s Dozen”

2009 – Founders of the Order of Leviathan, “Devil’s Dozen” Award


Every member on this page is well worth their salt, and have proven time and time again of their quality of character in their respective groups and communities, in their area of the world. As a world wide pirate group, we are made up of members of many factions, as though we do not always see each other, the good deeds that one does and the inspiration contributed to the general public for continued interest and history of pirates holds true.