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Order of Leviathan


Do ye know an excellent pirate? Want to give recognition to a mate or loved one who deserves acknowledgment for their noble acts and years of piratical awesomeness? We are now open for nominations, but only for a short time. Once we close we won't be open again for another two years.

Every two years, the Order of Leviathan opens its ranks to welcome a handful of new members from throughout the pirate community. Want to know more? Reach out to any Leviathans you know, or email us at




To the esteemed members of The Order of Leviathan and the Pirate Comunity worldwide,

Welcome to the procedures and guidelines of the Order of Leviathan (OoL) nomination process.All members of the OoL and those in the pirate comunity are eligible to nominate a person they feel meets the standards set forth in our mission statement and guidelines.

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Nomination dates 02/26/23 – 03/24/23

When the public or OoL General Crew nominate a candidate they must provide the following:

(1) Provide a brief letter of nomination of 500 words or less, about the nominee and why they choose them.

(2) Two (2) letters of reference, provided by the nominee, outside of their own crew /family and spouse/significant other.

All OoL members can only write one (1) letter of recommendation or reference. To clarify: One letter, per OoL Crew Member, per induction. The purpose for letters of recommendation/reference is to allow us to see how nominees work within their communities, other crews, charities and events. The letters of reference allow OoL Guiding Crew Members see how nominees impact, serve and lead in their communities when deciding where to cast their votes.

All nominees must have their nomination and reference letter(s) in by the due date, March 24th, 2023 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time (“PST”), no exceptions, or find themselves eliminated from consideration.

There shall be no spousal, significant other nor family nomination put forth. There shall be no nominations from members of your own crew. If a spouse/significant or crew mate is considered "outstanding in the pirating community", then they should be able to be nominated on their own merits from an outside source.

- All nomination documents shall be sent to

ALL Candidates must accept their nominations, from a valid email address, to" stating their real name and pirate name, phone number and a clear, recent photo of at least 150 dpi resolution. It is mandatory to have a FB profile to enable communication among nominees and to share information.

NOTE: Simply nominating a person does not guarantee their induction into the Order of Leviathan. Please do not publicly advertise or promote your candidate until the top candidates are publicly announced by the Order of Leviathan Steering Committee.


The SC will announce the candidates to all OoL social media sites after which candidates can be promoted and those nominated can proudly announce, 2023 OoL Nominated.


If you have any questions about catching up on your dues so you can vote, please contact us at

Thank you,

Your Steering Committee