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A bold, weathered skull bearing the Order's mark and embraced by our namesake serpent, the tattoo of the Leviathans has remained a cherished symbol since the earliest days. Always applied by the Order's official tattooist (and fellow member) Cap'n Dave of Studio City Tattoo and Lake Arrowhead Tattoo, there is no truer way for a member to declare their commitment to the Order and its values.

Keith Carlson getting tattoed by Capt. Dave

“Ye Olde Tattoo Shoppe

Lake Arrowhead Tattoo

Home of the Order of Leviathan Tattoo

Lake Arrowhead Tattoo is where each member of the OoL is gifted a tattoo of the Orders insignia when they join.  Captain Davey Jonsen masterfully tattoos the Order’s logo on to each of our brothers and sisters. (Tattoo is optional) Ol Cappy has been tattooing over 20 years and is a beloved pirate in the pirate community.

Captain Dave inks another honorable scalliwag.