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We are proud to announce Series 2 of Order of Leviathan Rum! Only 150 bottles distilled so don’t miss out on this amazing rum. Each numbered bottle will come with a limited edition OoL coin medallion. Don’t pass up a chance on adding a bottle to your collection.

Series 2 will be bottled and ready by mid-February 2022 with options for local pick-up or US shipping.

How to Order (21+ only)

Make PayPal payment to “OrderOfLeviathanLLC”

IMPORTANT!!!  Be sure payment is set to “FRIENDS” not Goods & Services.

In the comment section please write:

  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • the word “RUM” (so we don’t accidentally send you water)
  • Shipping Address – No PO Box address (Local Pick up can Ignore this)
Option One: LOCAL PICK UP $90

We are offering a special local pick up only price of $90 at Order of Leviathan Induction Celebration Weekend in St Augustine Florida February 25th-27th 2022.

Option Two: SHIPPED $120

For those who are not able to do local pick up we can ship you the bottle the first week of March 2022. Price includes shipping in the United States only.

Claim Your Number!

Donate $25 to our Give Kids The World Charity and pick your own bottle number. First come first serve. Email your bottle number request to Shawn Young to verify availability.

Donate here:

SERIES – Order of Leviathan Series 2

BRAND – Hold Fast

DISTILLERY – Marlin and Barrel Distillery, Fernandina Beach, Florida

LABELS – Hand-hammered (over 300 blows from a 2-pound dead blow hammer) solid copper. Finish = Aged copper


FLAVOR PROFILE – A sweet up front with hints of molasses, maple syrup and vanilla. Mellow middle with heavy rye and oak on the finish.

BARREL – Ten gallon barrel (123 proof) that once held bourbon and a five gallon barrel (120 proof) that once held rye whiskey.

FERMENT – Florida sourced Blackstrap Molasses

STILL – 350 Gallon pot still by I-Still. Heavy head and tails cut retaining only the heart of the run.

FILTERING – Charcoal

BARREL PROOF – 123 proof

BOTTLE PROOF – 96 proof

SIZE OF RUN – 150 bottles