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The Order of Leviathan is a preeminent organization for men and women of recognized quality and integrity without regard to race, creed, religion, or gender. Consistently delivering leadership and encouragement to other pirate groups, and exemplifying a moral code founded on the highest standards of ethics, honesty, and strength of character. The Order of Leviathan is committed to true camaraderie and goodwill to all.

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Established in 2009

The Order of Leviathan is dedicated to involving, helping build, and supporting like-minded groups, charities, families, friends, and members of the pirate subculture community.

Our Members →

While the exact methods of welcoming new members to the Order of Leviathan have changed with the tides, the goal has remained the same.

The Steering Committee →

The council of six, bedecked in fancy hats and burdened with the task of keeping the Order running ship-shape and Bristol fashion.

History and Mission →

Since its inception, the Order of Leviathan has endeavored to reflect the best of what piracy can be – and that means more than drinking rum all day.

The Cruel Ring →

Rare, striking, and somewhat rough around the edges, the signature ring worn by our members has become almost synonymous with the Order itself.

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