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The Order of Leviathan's Steering Committee is a leadership council dedicated to working with all members to unite the Order, further Leviathan spirit and help with organizational activities such as dues collection, online presence, event planning, induction process, merchandise, arbitrating internal disputes and promoting the Order's interests.

A position not to be taken lightly, as much of the decision making is time consuming and at times repetitive. An Order member who is thinking of applying for the SC, should consider this as a non paying role that is full of hard work and is expected to make time and put effort into their appointed area and group duties.

All Steering Committee crew members know of their duties and requirements before accepting the honored position they are given. This task is to join other brothers and sisters of the OoL, at the round table of equals that act as one. To help guide, protect and act as a voice, representing the Order of Leviathan. Handling duties, organizing events, and all OoL business. This position is a serious and difficult task. Every member is ready to handle each others positions if one area is not filled, for the team to stand and be as a strong unified authority.

Additional information on each position will be given to those who wish to apply for said positions.

UPDATING IN PROGRESS 2023–2025 Steering Committee


The Helmsman has a guiding role in the SC of the Order of Leviathan, thus must have a high understanding of what is expected of them and how they are expected to handle themselves as one does representing the OoL. The Helmsman acts as the first voice when there is a need to have the ‘call to vote.’

*Should the need arise, the Helmsman is empowered to act unilaterally with the whole of the SC’s approval on matters of high urgency, and accepts all responsibility for their own choices if done so without the Executive Helm.

*The Helmsman may also ask for the creation of an advisory committee made up of active Master Leviathans.

The Navigator is the second to the Helmsman in matters relating to the SC and may act in their stead, if the Helmsman is unavailable, on urgent matters. Should the position of Helmsman become vacated, the Navigator will assume said title, a new Navigator will be brought in. If a topic that needs to be resolved.

* Head of any additional merch or deciding factors regarding adding to or changing there of.

* They also serve as the official liaison for all media inquiries

Sergeant at Arms 

It’s the Sergeant at Arms’ duty to resolve internal disputes within the Order and to investigate matters of gross misconduct. In the case of a dispute between two members, those members may bring their matter to the SC for arbitration. Such arbitration is not a requirement, but is offered to the members as a way to move past an ugly impasse.

*The Sergeant at Arms must take on the Navigators duties when the Navigator takes leave.


The Purser, is responsible for the funds of the Order, as well as ensuring that all fiduciary matters of the Order are properly handled. The Purser shall also be responsible for the Treasure Chest: an SC petty cash allotment to be used for operational funds such as printing, postage etc.,

*Collects dues from the members, and keeps track with the Keeper of the Codex.

*Handles all taxes and legal info as necessary.

Keeper of the Codex

The scribe of theOoL, the Keeper of the Codex is responsible for recording the details of all official meetings, activities and decisions made by the Order and sharing condensed meeting minutes with the active Master Leviathans in the Office. Working with the Navigator they keep records of all member contact information, signed articles and archives of important communications, and also assist in the preparation of official Order events by helping acquire and maintain records of all permits, receipts, contracts and arrangements.

*Works closely with the Historian to keep them up to date on changes or history in the making.


Brand Protection, and the eyes and ears of hot topic related issues and potential threats.

*To look out for and keep track of potential POTY persons, or other members that should be recognized for their deeds, and provide to the Keeper of the Codex.

*Protector of the sacred Order of Leviathan brand.

Master Leviathans

Former officers of the Steering Committee may continue to serve in an advisory capacity.

Being a Master leviathan proves you have what it takes, to take charge, do what needs to be done for the Pirate Community and the Order at large, while dealing with the changes the Order makes, if you like the changes or not. One must put aside one's personal feelings and views at times and handle the tough topics. Like an adult, like a boss, like what we are meant to be when applying to do this job. As we know all that is expected of us, before we join the SC.

*** 🏴‍☠️ ***

Becoming a Steering Committee Officer

To be on the Steering Committee, one must do a lot of work and hang in there through all the tough choices. To get the honor of being a Master leviathan, (Someone who has completed their full term in the SC), one needs to stick it out for that entire term, and earn their stripes. Much like the gray hairs you will earn doing so.

Each potential Member of the Steering Committee must…

* Be a current “Active Member” of the OoL & have been in the order for at least two years.

  • This requirement may be overlooked in times of emergencies, by loss of current SC members.

* Submit their resume and cover letter + be interviewed by one of the OoL Heads of the LLC.

* Read and pass a legal conduct and acceptable behavior test.

* Sign a non-disclosure | confidentiality agreement and a work release contract, containing all necessary information and full requirements.

* Swear and speak the oath of the SC/ML, to uphold the ideals and maintain the quality of the OoL, and become an official SC officer.

* Additional requirements expected of said members wishing to take part in the SC, will be given to those who wish to apply for said positions upon completion and passing the ‘conduct and acceptable behavior test’.